The brain is one of the most complex and interesting organs we humans have! Brain functioning can be affected by injuries, significant illness, aging, seizures, and various diseases. If you or a loved one experiences sudden or increasingly noticeable problems and/or changes with memory, personality, emotional regulation, attention, and/or self-awareness, a neuropsychological evaluation may be warranted. A neuropsychological evaluation can help the individual, their family, and their physician understand any possible underlying or burgeoning concerns with regards to organic brain changes. Neuropsychological testing includes evaluating the individual’s attention, concentration, executive functioning, spatial reasoning skills, intelligence, memory, language, motor skills, and personality constructs. Neuropsychological testing is appropriate for pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations. Mosaic Psychological Services offers neuropsychological testing in addition to many other behavioral and psychological services.

Neuropsychological testing usually includes meeting with an individual and their family to gather history about the presenting concerns. The testing process is comprehensive and will include the administration of various assessments to further investigate cognitive and emotional concerns. Neuropsychological testing for dementia and other age-based concerns is best done repeatedly every year or so for the purpose of assessing possible decline. Establishing base-line functioning for elderly individuals with cognitive concerns is paramount to their overall treatment.