What is EyeDetect®?

It’s a next-generation lie detector that measures slight changes in eye behaviors to detect lies.

World-renowned scientists at the University of Utah developed the technology in 2003, and through extensive research, they have made improvements ever since.

What does EyeDetect do?

The award-winning EyeDetect technology accurately tests job applicants, employees, patients, parolees, drug users, athletes, criminal suspects, and others about specific issues or crimes in just 15 to 30 minutes.

EyeDetect can be used for screening tests on general topics. And, it can be used for diagnostic (single issue) tests in criminal or civil cases.

EyeDetect+ 2.0 assesses credibility by monitoring and recording physiological activity — similar to the polygraph — as well as the same ocular data from a standard EyeDetect test. This revolutionary automated polygraph testing process is impartial, accurate, and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph. It gives you…

√ An optimized convergence of testing protocols*

√ Additional, improved diagnostic data channels

√ New, improved, and less intrusive sensors

…which means more reliable testing and valid data analysis

Functionally Identical to Polygraph

EyeDetect+ uses testing protocols much like polygraphs, making it simple for polygraph examiners to easily transition to this innovative technology. And since the data recording and scoring are automatically performed by the computer, it allows polygraph examiners to use their skills in a pre-and post-test interview.

The EyeDetect+ Station includes a device called the Physio Tracker, which is used to connect simple sensors to a person’s fingers, wrists, and abdomen for testing.

These sensors automatically record data similar to a polygraph, including:

 • Blood pressure (no arm cuff)
 • Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
 • Cardiovascular Activity such as heart rate
 • Respiration Activity
 • Body Movements

 • Body MovementsStephen P. Lowery, BA, MISM